Some things for you, here in this place to where you are cordially invited, so come share.

The springtime had not two days ago swept in, thankfully, finally, yet it seems to have parted with us again. Nonetheless, the lime green against the periwinkle rain has me choking on my heart, not for any wrong kind of reason.

Last springtime, I met Kate Jenkins. We exchanged an email or 3 and then she came to an Open Door dinner. She had just birthed the inaugural issue of her magazine baby, and I roasted a bird with garlic and herbs and lemon under the skin, pan-roasted parsnips and spring onions, and probably likely baked a loaf of bread, too. Maybe perchance some fresh strawberry gelato made an appearance as well. She met strangers, strangers met her. At that table, like at all those set before and after, a family was made with intention and vegetables were endured with epiphany (she had not before experienced the parsnip!). These things are fundamental to Open Door, and through Open Door the fundamentals of what I care about the most are always revealed: intentions will go unrealized unless the venue is secured for safe delivery; the negative connotation of one's real vulnerability suppresses the potential to express one's real intentions.

Open Door is indeed an open door affair - no surveys, no vetting filters, no seating charts; if you reply to this invitation (that you yourself subscribed to in the first place!), you get a seat at the table, whichever seat you choose. The only thing I know about any of you is how many seats you reserve and whether or not you may be deathly allergic to some matter of foodstuffs. The only a priori, and to me the most important, element that binds all of you guests together at this table is that you all just want to be here.

Kate Jenkins and her lovely team at The Intentional are set to release Issue 3 (on Vulnerability), and they would like to host an Open Door dinner soiree. While there will be no set topic of conversation, they will certainly mention a word or two about the magazine and bring some copies to share (they are beautiful, printed specimens, these things), and really, what everyone wants is to just have a rip-roaring good time, with a bunch of you strangers. I'll probably make gelato, just 'cause (and of course, a lot of other delicious things about which I purposefully keep you in the dark! Also, KRISTIN CARBONE, WHAT LEAVES ARE GROWING IN THE HOOPHOUSE?!).

Sunday, April 27th at 7pm, the Door will be open,  where will you be?

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