Feelin Fine

Fade-away beauties.

The trees have given up. Their lustrous, deep green has faded with the gradient breeze. The leaves don't shine no more. Soon, they'll be gold then red then brown; ashes, ashes, they all fall down. Heartbreaking, really, these times that are short-changing. The equinoxes have a particular and maddening way about them, unpacking their boxes and settling in just to pack 'em all back up and move out again (bastards).

Three things about which to be grateful, as brought to us by the Peculiar Autumn Bastard:
Say no more, Mrs. Manicotti.

Nonetheless, before we set full sail into this falling time, let us squeeze the last itsy bits outta this summer wall solstice (that is, by the way, officially over, but I've never been a conformist), shall we? In honor of my little bizzle bop niece and her very first bowl of pasta (that I, The Auntie, made for her), I hint to you the last-ditch summer showstoppers from up my sleeve, yo: crunchy greens, turgid tomatoes, aromatics and herbs, al dente spaghetti, fat and juicy birds. Early fall open-faced apple crostate and maple cream? Maybe! Dinner is on Friday, September 28th at 8pm, from my heart to my table to you. (Who's coming, who's coming?!)

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